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In 2012, an office was established at Maya Meridyen Plaza in Akatlar, Istanbul. 

Before the current office setup, the focus was on individual work related to stock exchange activities, resulting in a structure with many enclosed small units. The employer expressed a preference for a more flexible and spacious working environment over a closed office layout.

To accommodate this request, a general space plan was devised, creating areas where clients could be received, discussions could take place, and various rooms were designed, including meeting rooms, partner offices, a relaxation room, archive, and an open office workspace.

Throughout this planning process, the existing office layout was entirely disregarded. The kitchen, initially located in the entrance area, was relocated to the rear of the reception area, allowing for natural light to enter the space from the building's façade. This way, the entrance was organized as a defined reception and transition area without walls.






March 2012

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