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When evaluating the green area where the statue will be located in Taksim Square, the presence of the iconic tree, which is 20 meters tall, is considered one of the most important design elements. However, when considering access to this green area located at the beginning of the urban fabric on the edge of the Gümüşsuyu axis, the lack of direct pedestrian access to this area is seen as a design problem. The main theme of the statue was to represent the tradition of meeting in front of AKM that has been going on for years. In this context, the meeting point of differences was depicted at the end of the route that progresses from the tree, using materials of different types and dynamics. 

The meeting of the white concrete landscape wall and the red metal memory wall, and their contact with art at the point of their intersection, were considered as a means to carry the tradition of the past to the future. The memory wall was designed as a 24-meter-long wall that stands on its own over the water, symbolically reminding us of the artists who visited AKM in the past and contributed to the interior and exterior with their works, so that they are not forgotten. This wall is a interpretation of ceramic relief art, consisting of the overlap of two perforated surfaces that push the boundaries of the metal material. It is perceived as hanging in the air, 1.2 meters above the ground and 24 meters long, from the AKM square facade.







July 2022

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