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In our initial consultation for new living space purchased by homeowners in 2015, we discussed how the atmosphere of the SO house, which we had already completed the design and implementation of, would serve as a reference. The interior design application of newly completed house was left to the discretion of the user.

Different spaces were designed based on the profiles of the users in this 5-bedroom house. These include a cinema-music room, a relaxation and library-study room, a children's playroom, a maid's room, and a master bedroom with its own dressing room and bathroom.

The color palette throughout the house is predominantly white, grey, and mocha. Decorative tiles used in the entrance area and throughout the hallways are the most significant decorative element in the house. The balanced use of this material was achieved through the custom design and production of solid oak stairs. Natural materials were used throughout the house, and decorative elements were similarly complemented with special landscaping design products.

The country atmosphere was influential in the selection of objects that dominated the entire space, starting from the entrance area.






March 2015

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