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The house welcomes us with a small and charming entrance. The lower part of the entrance's coatroom section has been subtly infused with a touch of green, adding a lively element. This detail also creates a pleasant view from the living room, equipped with an American kitchen, located immediately to the left of the entrance. There was a lack of storage throughout the house, from the open kitchen, cabinets, and countertop space to the closet area in the bedroom.

In the layout of the living room, a custom design for the TV unit was prepared along with an L-shaped couch arrangement, personalizing the seating area. Scandinavian colors are used throughout the house, designed in various styles in different room concepts. For instance, the bedroom and children's room are themed in green, the study room in craft paper brown, and the living room in shades of blue.

The blue tone continues, both in the living room and on the couch, with a lighter blue fabric. These three colors are complemented with white and walnut-toned furniture. Notably, the bedroom furniture is entirely in white, allowing for the use of a large black wire lighting fixture on the ceiling.






September 2018

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