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The office space designed by Dicle Hökenek Architecture is located in Bakırköy, Istanbul. Shaping a mass, implementing your thoughts, and solving problems are directly related to the designer's understanding of materials. Numerous designs have been produced, particularly concerning the use of natural materials, in line with the requirements of the space. In every product designed according to the needs of the space, the textures and patterns of natural stone and wood have been presented as significant graphic elements.

Marble, sometimes used as flooring and wall cladding, has been thought of as a coffee table or kitchen countertop in another area. In areas where natural stone is preferred as a decorative panel, stones with strong color or light interactions have been selected. Different marble selections were made for tables designed in different forms.






March 2013

Three separate manager's offices have been personalized and implemented according to different user typologies. The previous open office space in the entrance area has been transformed into a space that combines reception, waiting, and open office functions. This area includes a small meeting room and two manager's offices. The wooden floor signifying the office area behind the reception in the entrance area has also been covered, creating two different spatial perceptions within the total area.

A similar wayfinding concept has been applied to the lighting, which runs parallel to the floor.

One wall of the meeting room has been completely designed as a library and archive wall, also made using the same material as the table. In the flooring, ceramic tiles have been used to define the area where the table is located with a different color. Similarly, the suspended ceiling above the table also delineates the boundaries of the meeting area.