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The proposed high school complex breaks away from the traditional format of educational buildings that the Ministry of Education has been employing for many years. Although it may appear as a compact and singular structure, the high school is, in fact, a complex and elaborate spatial composition that can only be appreciated by exploring its interior. The spatial design is not merely a predetermined decision but a result of the topography and architectural program to which the building belongs.

The high school complex's variety of functions allows it to be regarded as a cultural center, aside from the fundamental needs program of classrooms and administrative areas.

It comprises a 400-person conference hall, exhibition hall, foyer, workshops, laboratories, and library spaces, creating a rich educational atmosphere. 

The internal courtyards are significant elements in creating a comfortable living environment that protects against the dominant winter wind and harsh sunlight in the surrounding area. Passive solar control principles are observed, and natural ventilation is utilized to create microclimatized indoor and outdoor spaces.






March 2008


Cem Ilhan, Bünyamin Derman Oknur Çalıskan, Arzu Çetingöz Büyükbayramoglu,Meltem Öztürk, Yigit Öztürk, Ozan Özdilek, Türkan Kahveci, Hakan Ceritoglu

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