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When working on residential interior design, the user's profile, vision, and cultural background have a significant impact on shaping the living space. Therefore, it is essential to go through an extensive analysis phase before starting the design. Once you have sufficient knowledge about the user's habits, needs, and priorities, design work can commence. Key factors include how the user spends their time in the living space, the frequency of guests, cooking habits, and storage needs.

Material choices vary according to the functional use, but four materials dominated the overall atmosphere of the house: black lacquered cabinets, oak veneer furniture, oak laminate flooring, and gray concrete-look ceramic. The goal was to ensure that the use of gray and black colors did not create a cold atmosphere in the house but rather served as a backdrop.

During the design phase, various experiments were conducted to explore the relationship between gray-black surfaces and wooden surfaces in oak tones. As a general decision, efforts were made to balance the warmth of wood with the loft-like effect of concrete, creating a harmonious blend of materials and colors.






April 2016

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