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This space, located in Cihangir, Istanbul, is a roof duplex that, in terms of its elevation, has the potential to make you feel like you're floating above the sea, with no other structures in front of it.

The users had a hand in shaping the design of the house to meet their needs, even before the renovation. When you entered through the front door, you encountered a built-in mirrored vestibule. They were reluctant to part with this vestibule until we removed all the walls to renovate it. They didn't want the open kitchen area to be visible when you entered through the door.

Istanbul convinced us that the entry, entrance, kitchen, hall, living area, and even the bathroom in this house should be a single, cohesive space. As a result, the sliding wooden doors in the hall and the wood for the kitchen cabinets were chosen to be made from the same walnut veneer. The same marble was used on the floor from the entrance area to the hall and the bathroom. The original parquet floors, which had been there for a long time, were preserved and refinished. This way, a bridge was established between the history of the house and its new condition.

The staircase, designed and executed by Imre Hadi, a close friend of the homeowners, was also preserved in its original form by refinishing it. Additionally, the painting on the staircase is by Pınar Kalem, the girl painting in the living room is by Ekin Nayır, the blue painting at the entrance to the lower bathroom is by Irmak Canevi, and the painting at the beginning of the staircase belongs to Necdet Kalay. These artworks have been carefully preserved in the house as important pieces of art.






March 2015

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