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When designing the interior space, emphasis was placed on the combination of simplicity, harmony, and warmth. The contrast between the basic materials used, such as the wooden staircase and the red tones in the woven rug, and the white walls was created.

Every element required by the function of the space was re-evaluated in harmony with the other dynamics of the space. For example, the wooden staircase railing was designed as a TV unit, and the refrigerator was buried under the stairs in the kitchen to make more efficient use of the countertop surface. 






March 2011

Generally, all storage areas were designed to be integrated with the wall surfaces. For example, the railing surface was designed as a bookshelf unit for a different storage purpose.

All furniture designs were also specifically tailored to the conditions of the space. The dining table and chairs were designed in collaboration with Nazar Sigaher.